Rules and Philosophy

Carolina 3 ON 3 PHILOSOPHY

Carolina 3 on 3 leagues are for the players. Kids need to enjoy the sport to want to improve. The key focus is FUN! This is an opportunity to develop basketball skills in a fun, noncoached, low-stress environment. We encourage healthy competition in which kids play hard and play to win but not at the expense of belittling opponents, yelling at officials or displaying poor sportsmanship. We ask that players and parents conduct themselves appropriately and exhibit good sportsmanship.



- No coaching. Cheering, however, is encouraged. Let the kids play and figure out some things on their own.

- A parent/guardian may sit with the players in the 3rd and 4th grade divisions for the first two

weeks to help with subbing. They may be asked to leave that area if coaching is occurring.

- All players need completed liability waivers signed by a parent/guardian to participate. If short

players, teams may bring subs. Subs are required to have a completed liability waiver.

- Take the time to THANK A REF or staff member who did a great job.

- Help to keep the facility clean. Please pick up garbage and water bottles at the end of your games.



- No swearing, taunting or inappropriate verbal or physical behavior. Unsportsmanlike play may

result in: 1) Warning; 2) Sitting out (ref discretion); or 3) ejection from the game or league.

- If unnecessary or excessive fouls occur, the ref may impose a technical foul (2 pts plus the ball).

- No hanging on the rim or net.

- League shirts should be worn. Teams may wear matching shirts or uniforms.

- Players will demonstrate good sportsmanship and shake hands with their opponents

Philosophy & Rules


- “Rock, paper, scissors” will determine initial possession of the ball. The court monitor/ref will

supervise “rock, paper, scissors”, ref your game and keep score.

- Ball size: 3rd and 4th grades – 27.5. Girls 5th-12th and Boys 5th and 6th – 28.5. Boys 7th-12th 29.5.

- Games are 20-minutes running time. There are no time-outs. Short water breaks may be allowed

due to heat or a lack of subs.

- Unlimited substitutions after made baskets or when the ball is not in play.

- A team may play with only two players (3 on 2).

- Possession of jump balls will alternate.

- 3 seconds in the lane will result in a turnover. Refs may issue reminders.

- Both feet and the ball must go outside of the 3-pt line on a change of possession.

– A ball that goes out of bounds is checked behind the arc.

– The half-court line is out of bounds.

– Following a made basket or dead ball, the ball can be checked anywhere behind the arc.

– A defensive rebound must be taken past the arc (includes air balls). There are no “free backs”.

– No stalling. There will be a ref’s discretion 30-second shot clock.

– Scoring: 2 points per basket inside the arc. 3 points per basket outside the arc.

– Free Throws: A fouled player will only shoot one free throw. It can be worth 1 point (And-1), 2

points (inside the arc foul or bonus free throw) or 3 points (field goal attempt outside the arc).

– Bonus Free Throws: One shot (worth 2 points) will be given to a player fouled on the fifth team

foul and all subsequent fouls by the opponent. There I no double-bonus.

– Intentional fouls (no matter when they occur) will result in 2 points PLUS the ball.

– Players have 6 seconds to shoot a free throw once the teams are lined up.

– Free throws for 3rd and 4th graders will be moved up. Referees will designate the shooting line.

- Ties will be settled with a free-throw shootout. Each team receives three opportunities to shoot free throws (3 different shooters). The team that makes the most out of three will be declared thewinner. If there is a tie after three shots, additional free throws will be shot alternately until one team makes the free throw and the other team misses.

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